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Healthy living structures for managing directors

Gesunde Lebensstrukturen Unternehmer

It happens very quickly, you become an entrepreneur, mutate into a workaholic and run towards burnout. I present you here a simple sustainable comprehensive way for your physical and mental well-being. My solution concept is that you understand in a minimum of time the essential basic structures, processes and contents that make up a good and sensible life, which is the basis for you to get the best out of yourself in the long term, even as an entrepreneur. Successfully planning your own health is a challenge that requires some essential decisions. To begin with, it is important to maintain an overview and become aware of what the key priorities are for a healthy lifestyle.

The cycle of life

A single day has 24 hours and you decide every day what happens in these 24 hours. In your parents’ home you were taught a daily routine, but as soon as you leave home, it is up to you how you organize your life. If you are not feeling well, it is a signal from your body that something is missing in your life. Many lose sight of a good life and sight of the simplest things because of the discomfort. I want to make it easy for you and make you aware of the essential building blocks of life. If you harmoniously integrate these individual building blocks into your life, you will most likely be full of energy in the future or, if you are already ill, you will get well again and lead a happy life.

Healthy life cycle —> 6 steps

1) Feelings: thinking and acting
2) Growing: Doing, learning, experiencing new things.
3) Nutrition: Eating and drinking healthy.
4) Movement: Moving every day
5) Social contacts: Family and/or friends
6) Work: Self-actualization

What essential questions should you ask yourself in your life?

– What is my basic attitude toward life, what are the thoughts that accompany me every day, and what actions do I take accordingly?
– What things do I experience in my life that are new to me?
– How do I nourish myself on a daily basis? What do I eat and drink?
– How much exercise takes place in my life? Do I sit around most of the time or do I lead a life in motion?

To make it concrete

– Am I living the life I want to live? Do I do things every day that I really want to do? Do I have a healthy rhythm of life with a correspondingly healthy daily routine?

– What kind of discussions do I have with myself? What do I deal with? What do I do professionally?

– Do I eat a healthy and balanced diet? Do I mainly eat foods that support my health?

– Am I physically active every day? Do I go out every day for a walk or do I do sports such as running, cycling, swimming or strength training?

Try to imagine what a really successful day, week, month and year would have to look like for you to be truly motivated and enjoy living this life and achieving the goals set in it. In order to achieve great goals, you need a healthy daily lifestyle, that is, a healthy everyday life.

A healthy daily routine consists of the following building blocks

1) Healthy diet
2) Exercise or sports
3) Stress management through relaxation
4) Family and / or friends
5) Work or occupation that makes you happy
1) Healthy diet

Nutrition is an essential cornerstone for a healthy life and happy life.

1) Healthy diet

Nutrition is an essential cornerstone for a healthy life and happy living.

A healthy diet consists of the following basic foods:

1) 2 -3 liters of pure water a day (start your morning with a 1/2 liter of water) / alternative to pure water: supplement with a lemon or orange / secret tip for a super healthy delicious detox – tea: 1 liter of hot water + tea of your choice + ginger + turmeric + 1 lemon + 1 tablespoon of honey.
2) Grains: rice, spelt, buckwheat, millet, oats, quinoa, amaranth, etc.
3) Legumes: beans, peas, lentils, etc.
4) Vegetables: broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, etc.
5) Fruits: apple, oranges, papaya, etc.
6) Nuts: Hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts, etc.
7) Superfoods: goji berries, moringa, spirulina, grape extract, etc.
8) For non-vegetarians (1 to maximum 3 times a week: meat or fish).

If you limit your diet accordingly to these basic foods, you will have the perfect starting point for a balanced healthy diet. The main trick is to buy these foods for the most part in the supermarket and to simply stop buying unhealthy foods, such as convenience foods, excessive sweets and dairy products, alcohol, etc., or to limit them. The important thing is to change the main components of your daily diet. If you then occasionally indulge, it certainly does not pose a problem for your health, what is essential is what makes up the main component of your diet. When you go out to eat for work and everyday life, look around at which restaurants cook healthy food so that you really fully integrate this way of eating into your life.

Nutritional teachings I recommend: Anthony William and Ayurveda

2) Exercise or sports

It’s best to exercise between 30 – 60 minutes every day. No matter what kind of sport, the most important thing is that you simply move every day. Fitness and sport is both a goal and a path: health and a feeling of well-being are signs that fitness has been built up. A good physical condition and high performance are the reward. There is no exact definition for the term fitness. Fitness training can be any form of sport: Jogging in the woods, swimming in the lake, lifting weights at the fitness center, yoga, etc.  The first step towards fitness and sports: get up and move, get off the couch and get outdoors or to the nearest gym. Fitness and sports starts small, workouts don’t have to take hours. Start walking up stairs, incorporate at least 5,000 steps into your daily routine, ride your bike to work, etc. This is how you slowly approach fitness and sports training with endurance training, strength training and coordination training.

3) Stress management through relaxation

It is important that you create appropriate periods of time where you can simply relax. Ideally, you should consciously dedicate time each day to resting your body and mind.

What are some forms of mental and physical rest?

1) Meditate: Meditate for 15 – 60 minutes every day. (In the morning or evening)

2) Sauna: Go to the sauna 1 – 3 times a week. (You can also meditate in the sauna)

3) Massage: Get a massage 1 to 3 times a month.

4) Healthy sleep: fixed bedtime. No electronic devices in the bedroom.

5) etc.

4) Family and / or friends

Spend enough time with family and/or friends every week. It happens to many entrepreneurs that they are too focused on work and lose touch with their environment. Therefore, plan every week consciously that you meet with your family and / or friends and invest enough time here.

5) Work or occupation that makes you happy

If possible, only work on things that you are really passionate about and where your heart is in it. But also all other activities outside of your work should at best fulfill you and make you happy. Of course, in the course of building your business and in your everyday life, there will always be content and activities that don’t interest you, but need to be implemented. The important thing is that it doesn’t become a long-term event that week after week you primarily deal with content and activities that don’t interest you.

A possible daily routine

– Go to bed between 10pm and midnight and get up between 6am and 7am.

– Drink ½ liter of water + Optional: half lemon squeezed + Optional: eat apple (Basically, I would advise you to do a short fasting workout in the morning and drink only a ½ liter of tap water).

– 15 minutes – 45 minutes of morning exercise: walking, running, cycling, weight training, etc. 

– Alternating shower: hot / cold 

– Brushing teeth 

Breakfast: millet + 3 eggs + onions + tomatoes + garlic + turmeric + spice mix or homemade mixed cereal: oatmeal + flaxseed + chia seed + nut mix + bananas + apple + honey + oat milk

Drink: ½ – 1 liter of tea of your choice + lemon + ginger + turmeric + ¼ – ½ liter of freshly squeezed orange juice 

Ride your bike to work if possible 

8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.: Work (get up and stretch every hour) 

12 – 12.45: Lunch brought from home: grain mix e.g. cooked millet + buckwheat + amaranth + quinoa + e.g. legumes: beans + lentils + chickpeas + vegetables: e.g. sweet potatoes + potatoes + carrots + tomatoes + peppers + broccoli + mixed salad or you go out to eat at a healthy restaurant  

12.45 – 13.00: Meditate for 15 minutes – Consciously sit down and focus on your breath for 15 minutes. 

13.00 – 16.00: Work (get up and stretch every hour) 

16.00 – 18.00: Afternoon activities: Meeting with friends, reading, endurance sports, gym, sauna, etc. You should do something that relaxes you. 

Between 18.00 and 20.00: Dinner with family and / or friends: Grain mixture e.g. cooked millet + buckwheat + amaranth + quinoa + e.g. legumes: beans + lentils + chickpeas + vegetables: e.g. sweet potatoes + potatoes + carrots + tomatoes + peppers + broccoli + mixed salad.

20.00 to 22.00: read a book, watch a movie, meet with friends, etc.  

Between 22.00 and 24.00: Go to bed. 

Foundation phase or labor-intensive phases

This possible daily routine describes a structured, orderly day where you can lead a good life in the long term and also be sustainably active as an entrepreneur in the future without running into a burnout. However, it is highly probable that there will also be days and phases of life where you work from early morning until late at night, and this will be necessary at the beginning so that you can successfully build up your business. It’s important to understand that in the long run, however, you shouldn’t put too much strain on being a workaholic. It’s also important to understand to work focused, meaning the time where you work, don’t distract yourself with social media, phone calls, etc., but fully immerse yourself in the work mode. If you really focus on your work unconditionally during working hours, you can get a tremendous amount done in 6 hours.

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Mag. Dominik Mikulaschek
Mag. Dominik Mikulaschek


Dominik Mikulaschek, born in 1983, studied theater, film and media studies in Vienna and lives as an author and entrepreneur in Linz.

Questions and answers:

What is the secret to good health?

Essentially, it is the daily routines that you use and internalize over the long term. The more you build healthy daily routines and apply them consistently, the more you will enjoy good health and high performance.

How much exercise a day should you do in a week?

3 times a week should be the minimum. It is best if you do at least ½ hour of exercise every day.

What should be the best diet?

Make sure that you set clear meal times for yourself. It is important that you eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible and the more unprocessed foods you eat, the better. Basically, it is also reasonable if you eat a mostly vegan diet and eat foods that are outside of a vegan diet only in a limited form. In principle, the nutritional teachings of Ayurveda and Anthony William are also recommended.

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