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Find a business idea? Service or product? B2B or B2C?

Geschäftisidee finden

At the beginning, the question is: “Do you already know in which industry you want to start your business?” This decision should be well-considered, because once you have decided, you will spend a lot of time to make your business really successful. Therefore, at the beginning you should clearly think: “Do you really want to work in your chosen industry, is this your profession or the profession you want to work on, is this especially where your passion lies, where you like to further your education and where you really want to go in depth?” Because it will be a long extremely hard and tedious way for you to lead a company to success if you are not interested in the subject at all. The best thing to do here is to draw a comparison with school, a school subject that didn’t interest you, how tedious it was to sit down and study here every time. And then think about your favorite subject and how easy it was for you to learn everything and how you absorbed all the information on this subject with almost no effort. Do some soul-searching here and take your time to think about what industry you want to start your business in.

If you don’t have a business idea of your own and you want to know which industries actually represent future markets, I would like to give you a list of business sectors that are especially suitable for business founders who have never set up a business before.

Essentially, these business ideas are exclusively in the service sector, since one has very low investment costs at the beginning. For products, the investment costs are usually enormous, unless you choose a dropshipping model, in which case this market is already very competitive. I would therefore recommend you, if you have never started a business before, to start a business in the B2B service sector, as it is far easier to approach potential customers here, the profit margins are also usually far higher, and it is far easier to approach companies in terms of advertising on many more levels than potential customers in the B2C sector.

Here again summarized, if you do not have a business idea, you would like to report the first time independently, I recommend you to create a company in the service sector in the B2B area, where the target group is small business to medium-sized companies, because you can also very promptly obtain deals and do not have to wait forever for the decision whether your offer is accepted. It is also essential that you can acquire expert status in these areas within a few months to a year, even without prior knowledge, through intensive self-study or officially available courses. And what is of course also enormously important, the financial risk is here a much lower, if you should make mistakes or you should fail in the worst case in the first attempt.

B2B service areas

Here you will find a selection of possible service areas in the B2B sector that I can recommend as a business model:

– Website development
– Online store development
– Google SEO
– YouTube expert
– Social media support in the area of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
– Online marketing support in the field of Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.
– Video agency in the field of video, 2D and / or 3D animation.
– Explainer video agency
– Social media photography
– PR consulting
– Sales agency on commission basis
– Installation & setup of CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot
– etc.

Two specific examples of how you can very quickly earn expert status in a topic area and immediately launch your business on it.

1) YouTube Expert: In a nutshell, there are currently about 30 major factors on YouTube that determine whether or not YouTube videos can rank high on YouTube and Google in the long run. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the number of YouTube channels is increasing rapidly every day. So here exists an enormous constantly growing market, where lots of people need help to improve their YouTube channel to generate more views in the future. Through intensive self-study, you can achieve expert status in this area within a few months and subsequently charge 1,500 euros (net) to 5,000 euros (net) or more for this service, depending on how established you already are in the industry and what successes you then have to show over time.

2) LinkedIn Expert: LinkedIn is an enormously growing platform in the B2B sector. More and more business people need a professional LinkedIn account and subsequently a clear strategy to strategically address potential customers via this platform. Subsequently, there is also the possibility to advertise on LinkedIn, which is another service window that can be offered to businesses. Also here one can acquire in few months by intensive self study or established courses an expert status, thereupon its enterprise to create and between 1.500.- euro (net) and 5.000.- (net) or more charge, in order to help enterprises here with your LinkedIn projects further.
Another huge highly interesting market is the service area of coaching, consulting and training. Here there are an endless number of possibilities to position yourself as an expert and to gain a lot of customers in the future. Because in this service area one solves urgent problems of people in the most different areas and these are nearly all areas of the life, which one can imagine. And the great thing is, people are willing to pay decent amounts of money if they actually believe based on their feelings and rational perception that you can actually free them from their problem. Assume that people start looking for experts, consultants, trainers as well as coaches only when they can’t solve the problem themselves. To give you an idea of how broad the market is in this area, there are even coaching programs specifically for walleye fishing. With this I would like to express, there is actually almost no subject area where there is no successful coaching, consulting or training scene.

Coaching, consulting and training services

Here you will find a selection of possible coaching, consulting and training services that you too can acquire as a business unit:

B2B coaching, consulting and training:

– Start-up consulting for companies
– Digitization Coaching
– Sales Coaching
– Managing director coaching
– Mindset training for managing directors, leading staff and employees
– etc.

Coaching for financial literacy, prosperity and career:

– Academic coaching e.g. for better grades in school or studies
– Speed reading coaching
– Application coaching e.g. for managing directors and / or leading job advertisements with an annual salary over 100.000 Euro
– executive coaching
– Business-English-Coach
– Stock exchange coach
– Real Estate Coach
– etc.

Health, fitness, nutrition, meditation:

– Fitness Coaching
– Weight loss coaching
– Nutrition coaching according to the nutritional teachings of e.g. Ayurveda, TCM, Anthony William, etc.
– Illness coaching, e.g. back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.
– Sleep-Coaching
– Meditation-Coaching
– Anti-Stress-Coaching
– Yoga-Coaching
– Mindfulness-Training
– Happiness Coaching
– Inner Balance Coaching
– Letting Go Coaching
– Competitive Sports Coaching
– Swimming Coaching
– Bodybuilding Coaching
– Triathlon Coaching
– Marathon Coaching
– Ice Swimming Coaching
– Etc.

Personal development, relationships, dating, partnership, family:

– Flirt & Dream Partner Coaching
– Separation Coaching
– Life-Balance-Coaching
– Child rearing coaching
– Life crisis coaching
– Self-awareness-Coaching
– Motivation-Coach
– Fear of flying coaching
– Car driving license coaching, after getting the driving license taken away and having to take a special test
– Etc.

As you can see, no matter if you have a profession or not, if you know exactly which business you want to start or if you have to find the right one for you first, if you let this multitude of possibilities work on you, you will definitely find a business area for you that will inspire you. It is important not to get confused by the multitude of possibilities. Choose a time frame of one to four weeks at the most, where you decide on a concrete business area, and then simply implement it without further hesitation. Essentially, no matter what you decide, there should be an anticipation in you that you will be allowed to deal with this topic.

Other ways to start a business - franchise or buy a business

Buying a franchise or simply a company is also an attractive way to become active as an entrepreneur. Take a look at the websites I’ve suggested and let the opportunities they offer sink in.

Franchise platform:

Germany / Austria / Switzerland: at/ ch/

Buying a company – platforms:


Table of contents:

Mag. Dominik Mikulaschek
Mag. Dominik Mikulaschek


Dominik Mikulaschek, born in 1983, studied theater, film and media studies in Vienna and lives as an author and entrepreneur in Linz.

Questions and answers:

In which field should you start a business if you want to become successful as easily as possible?

You are well advised to start a business in the B2B sector in the form of a service. This way, you have a minimal financial risk when setting up the company and can also offer your first services in sales very quickly.

What should I do if I have several business ideas and can't decide which business idea to choose?

First of all, it is important that you clearly set yourself a time frame here, where you define for yourself by when you will decide on one of your business ideas at the latest. Furthermore, I recommend that you think about which of these ideas would give you the most pleasure. Of course, it is also important to find out which of these ideas are most likely to yield a good profit. Weigh these points for you, but of course also other points that are important to you and then make a decision as soon as possible.

Is it possible to set up two companies at the same time?

I would advise you not to do that. Concentrate fully on one business idea and then develop it to the best of your ability. If your first business goes well and the other business idea still appeals to you, you can always bring that idea to life at a later date.  

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