Using E-Learning to build a successful business

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Using E-Learning to build a successful business

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Using E-Learning to build a successful business

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Step-by-step guide to business success

No matter where you are right now with your company, by means of our e-learning you can enter at any time where you are right now with your company, evaluate your existing company steps, whether they have been implemented professionally and then simply continue to work constructively.

1.) Start-up

If you are just starting out with your business, this e-learning is your perfect companion to build the right structures in a minimum amount of time to acquire new customers as quickly as possible.

2.) KMU

In the course of digitization, many SMEs have a problem with acquiring new customers, finding new suitable employees, scaling and automating business processes, etc. In our e-learning you will find the right solutions for all these problems.

3.) Medium-sized company

Often, it is only small changes that need to be made in medium-sized companies, but these can often contribute enormously to maximizing profits. An essential solution option to take companies to the next level is, for example, a CRM system, which we also address in this e-learning.

How to get started today

Take advantage of the free access to our welcome module and get a concrete overview of what learning content our e-learning offers in detail.



This e-learning is not a general 0815 video course! In this e-learning you will find a detailed universal step-by-step guide, which structures, processes and content you need to build concretely, so that your company becomes successful. In addition, you will receive valuable downloads for your company, recommendations, etc.


This e-learning is intended as a long-term companion and supports you in finding the right business idea, shows you the first important business action steps, until your business becomes a magnet for new customers and you can improve and automate your business processes.


If you want to build a successful business, this e-learning is your guide and supports you in all phases of your business. No matter where you are with your business, this e-learning will support you where you still have deficits and will maximize your business success.

From start-ups to medium-sized companies, we bring your company to success with our E-Learning

In this e-learning, you will not get a description of 0815 individual measures, such as how to design a successful business concept, build a successful website, operate professional online marketing and social media, sell on the phone in the best possible way, etc., but a comprehensive description of the essential stages of business development, where you can individually, depending on where you are with your company, acquire the necessary information for further business success through this e-learning and then implement it yourself. Start with our free e-learning and analyze the current state of your company today, make a detailed analysis of your competitors, create a realistic target state for the coming months and years, create a detailed 360° catalog of measures and implement them for your company in a technically flawless way.

Is this E-Learning specifically suitable for my company?

We get this question very often and the answer is a resounding “YES”!


B2B / B2C

You will receive clear instructions on how to build a successful business step by step in the B2B or B2C sector.

E-Learning purposeful?

This e-learning is not a general video course, but a clear practical e-learning platform with very clear action instructions developed specifically for CEOs.

You can start right now

You can view the individual modules and implement these steps immediately. If you want to become successful with your company, you can start immediately with our e-learning!

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This e-learning is essentially an e-learning platform with concrete learning videos and shows you step-by-step how to build a business from scratch to maximize your business success as quickly as possible. It is by no means a general e-learning platform where you have to interpret yourself how to best proceed. It is also important to note that if you have already set up certain structures correctly, you can also skip modules and enter exactly where the status of your company’s development is at the moment. However, we recommend that you also compare your existing structures using our e-learning and search for possible errors.

We recommend that you work through the e-learning modules step by step. If you want to work on your company’s success using our e-learning platform, it is essential that you independently find the right service providers and then instruct them correctly using the information in the e-learning. It is important to understand that this e-learning has been developed from the point of view of the management, so that you can guide service providers such as web designers, social media experts and online marketing professionals in the best possible way and also assess their work to the necessary extent so that they can really successfully build the respective structures, processes and content for you. The important thing is that your contribution must be that you really understand the construct for business success, only then can you properly guide the individual experts and build a successful business. Never assume that individual service providers know exactly what it takes to make your business successful. The more you know and guide yourself, the more likely it is that you will achieve good results. However, this does not mean that you have to become a full professional in the respective areas! We will teach you the necessary details, so that you can instruct experts in the different areas precisely and evaluate the elaborated services to the necessary extent. Of course, you can also buy individual services from us.

It would be highly untrustworthy to give a guarantee of business success. There are many factors that influence whether you will be successful with your company.

The following factors are decisive here, for example, why there is no guarantee for business success:

  1. How strong are your competitors and how do they develop over time. It is also essential that you continue to develop your own company in order to remain competitive in the long term. 
  2. Are your services and products marketable? 
  3. A possible economic crisis can prevent economic success.
  4. Delivery bottlenecks can also limit or prevent the company’s success.
  5. Etc.

It is important that you understand an essential detail here. The better you build up professional company structures, processes and contents, the more likely it is that you will be successful with your company. We show you all the areas that are important for your company. If you build up these structures, processes and contents according to our instructions and keep your company always up to date, it is more and more likely that you will become successful with your company. Should you not achieve the necessary success with our book or e-learning, it is best to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will then carry out a free initial analysis of your existing company structures, processes and content and can then tell you very quickly whether there are any small things missing or whether it might make sense to book one of our coaching or agency services. As already mentioned, we cannot guarantee the success of your company, but it is highly probable that you will be much more successful with your company if you implement the structures, processes and contents according to our specifications. 

There is no general answer to this question. What is essential is that the sooner you have established the essential corporate structures, processes and content, the sooner you will most likely become successful with your company. 

If you want to shorten it radically, you need a professional website in the form of a one-pager, which of course should be built in such a way that it works as a magnet for new customers. In the next step you need an online marketing campaign with modern advertising texts and advertising media, which leads to the fact that as many people of your target group as possible come to your website as inexpensively as possible. In other words, with a professional one-pager and a well thought-out online marketing concept with modern advertising copy and advertising media, you can already reliably build up new customers. However, we cannot advise you to rest on this minimal variant if you want to build a really successful company in the long term. 

We support you

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