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Corporate success by means of interactive multifunctional 360° corporate structures

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Corporate success by means of interactive multifunctional 360° corporate structures

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Corporate success by means of interactive multifunctional 360° corporate structures

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Company structure whitepaper / overview for building a successful company.

If you want to know how you can systematically build a successful company, then our company structure whitepaper will help you.

Here you will get an overview of the essential structures, processes and content you need to build up so that you can achieve the best possible results with your company in the future and, above all, systematically build up new customers and find qualified employees.

Starting with the company idea up to a highly automated company, you will find a clear structural overview here.

Company structure whitepaper / overview for building a successful company.

If you want to know how you can systematically build a successful company, then our company structure whitepaper will help you.

Here you will get an overview of the essential structures, processes and content you need to build up so that you can achieve the best possible results with your company in the future and, above all, systematically build up new customers and find qualified employees.

Starting with the company idea up to a highly automated company, you will find a clear structural overview here.

Company structure whitepaper / overview for building a successful company.

If you want to know how you can systematically build a successful company, then our company structure whitepaper will help you.

Here you will get an overview of the essential structures, processes and content you need to build up so that you can achieve the best possible results with your company in the future and, above all, systematically build up new customers and find qualified employees.

Starting with the company idea up to a highly automated company, you will find a clear structural overview here.

With the right entrepreneur mindset you will become successful

Internalize, no matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, if you have understood the essential structures, processes and content for business success and build them, step by step technically flawless, it is highly likely that your business will be successful.

First important detail, which decides on enterprise success or failure:

1) You have an offer in the form of a professional service or product.
2) There is a target group that needs your offer.
3) You have the possibility to create professional visibility of your company in the form of a website, social media, online marketing, advertising texts and advertising media, etc. –> At this point most companies fail!

1.) + 2.) + 3.) = 4.) Bad, mediocre, good or very good result regarding your business success.

Second important detail, which decides about company success or failure:

1) Analyze the actual state of your company.
2) Perform detailed competitor analysis
3) Define desired target state of your company
4) Develop a concrete 360° catalog of measures for your company
5) Step by step implement this 360° action catalog for your company.  

If you take these two details into consideration as a premise for your company development, it is highly probable that you will develop a successful company! 

Entrepreneur Mindset

Focus your thoughts on success!


Find business idea

If you don’t have an idea for starting a business, we can help you find the right one for you.


Your first business should offer a service!

Many people have the dream to start their own business, but they don’t have a business idea. My advice to you, with your first business you should offer a service, because here you have a low financial risk. With a product, unless you are dropshipping, you have much higher investment costs. It is important, for which topic in the service area you can be enthusiastic. Once you have found something that appeals to you, it is important that you become a full professional here and build up expert knowledge. Nowadays, it is very easy to acquire and constantly expand this expert knowledge in a minimum of time by means of books, e-learning, online courses, coaching, etc. This expert knowledge is then also equally important for you. This expert knowledge is then equally your business idea and your capital in the form of a service. You can find concrete ideas for this in our book or e-learning. You can also book a coaching with us, e.g. the start-up coaching, where we will find the right business idea with you at the beginning. If you want to sell a product, we also have the necessary solution concepts for you.

Recognize the success structures of your competitors and become successful

Should I do a competitor analysis and copy one of my competitors? No, of course not! But, you can recognize which structures, processes and contents your competitors have built up and with which contents they work. Essentially, the more you know about your competitors who have been really successful on the market for many years, the better you are advised to build up these structures, processes and contents as well. Because none of your successful competitors has built these out of boredom, but because they earn more money when they use them. Essential details that you can look at, for example, in the competitor analysis: Website, overall social media presence, online marketing, getting quotes from your competitors, Google rankings, etc. The more you can get into, the more you will understand why they are successful. Based on this competitor analysis, the next step is to work out a new positioning for your company, where you should aim to be better than your competitors. The exercise should therefore be to copy the structures, processes and contents as far as possible within the legally covered framework, but never their contents. 

Competitor analysis

Your competitors are perfect 360° templates for your business success


Business concept

If you pre-plan as many of your business structures as possible, the more likely you will be successful with your business.  


The right business concept is more than half the battle

Many neglect it or have no business concept at all, even though it is so important to have a holistic master plan to build a truly successful business in the most efficient and time-saving way. It is important that you are clear about what your goal is. Do you want to build a small company and not exceed a certain size or do you want to build a global company. This is of course a huge difference in terms of planning! Many fail with the enterprise concept, because they do not know at all, what one could plan and develop everything beforehand. We can help you and show you exactly which planning parameters you have to consider and define in order to build a successful company.

Professional accounting is enormously important

If you are starting your business or already have an existing business and do not yet have paperless digital accounting in your company, then you should change that immediately. We will advise you on which accounting program is best suited for your company and then you and / or one of your employees will receive training from us so that you have full control over your new accounting in the future. 

Note for Start-ups: When you start a business, you don’t have professional quote and invoice templates at the beginning, these are already included in these programs. Quotations can also be immediately converted to an invoice when a customer is accepted. 


Learn to efficiently organize your numbers paperless in digital form


Company Start-up

Doing your homework is really important before you start your business


Setting up a business is a purely formal simple act with good planning

The steps mentioned above, but also the steps described hereafter, are enormously important to think through and plan. This will ensure that the establishment of the company is a mere formality.

Corporate Design - Graphics for your company

From the development of a distinctive logo to the definition of basic design guidelines, we offer you the entire spectrum of corporate design services. Of course, this also includes the conception of your entire business equipment and your advertising material.

Our services

  • Logo development
  • Typography, corporate colors, layout concept
  • Visual language
  • Graphic elements, icons
  • Corporate design manual
  • Corporate design applications (business cards, letterhead, flyers, brochures, website, trade show booth, etc.)

Company Branding: Corporate Design

We provide your company with a professional, modern and uniform appearance!


Website / Onepager

Get to the heart of your topic, product or service as simply and efficiently as possible with a one-pager!


Website - With a one-pager you are on the pulse of time!

Most users or potential customers are not willing to click through forever long websites until they finally get what they were looking for. With a one-pager, the appropriate texts, photos, graphics, explanatory video and 3 customer feedback videos you will reach your potential customers on the rational level and the emotional level in a minimum of time in the future. Of course, we are also happy to implement extensive websites for you. However, our primary goal is always that the start page is structured in such a way that the customer already understands the essential details of your company and is very likely to contact your company on the basis of this information or to make an immediate purchase online.

Social media is a magnet for new customers when used correctly

We specialize in the full repertoire of social media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Podcasts, etc.  Depending on whether you are active in the B2B or B2C sector, we advise you on which social media channels make sense for your company and show you strategies to reach your target group sustainably and provide them with high-quality content automatically with little effort, so that you can win new customers in the long term via social media. It is also essential that you understand the logarithm of the respective platform in the best possible way, learn to plan monthly social media activities and posts in advance and create healthy routines in your company. 

Note: We can, of course, be of assistance in terms of advice and in the development of individual social platforms to the development of all social media channels. We have a great start-up especially for LinkedIn and You-Tube coaching.






Social Media for B2B und B2C

Professional social media is essential for your business success


Online Marketing

Learn how to build a healthy foundation in the field of online marketing and how to operate it professionally in the long term.


Advertise to your target group on as many platforms as possible with online marketing

We are specialized in the complete repertoire of online marketing: Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, etc. We select the right platforms for you, equip them long-term with reasonable daily budgets and let them work interactively by means of the right target group targeting and retargeting for your company in the best possible way. It is essential here that we look after you in the long term and target your target group better and better. Our goal is to reduce the click price more and more and that in the long run above all a best possible interaction of concept, flawless technical implementation, high-quality advertising copy and advertising media in the form of professional photos, graphics, videos and animations. Our goal is to perfectly coordinate all elements, interactively link the individual channels to achieve the greatest possible omnipresence in your industry and sustainably achieve the best possible success.

Reach lots of potential customers using Google and YouTube SEO

You have a website or YouTube channel, but your website visitors and YouTube views are not coming? The most beautiful website and YouTube videos make little sense if they are not seen. With successful Google SEO and YouTube SEO you will be found on the Internet. Essential here is, SEO usually does not work overnight and is a long-term investment. If you really want to appear on the first page with the most important keywords on Google and YouTube, this can take several months up to 1 to 2 years, depending on the industry. We therefore advise you, if you need new customers as quickly as possible, to focus on Google SEO and YouTube SEO only at a later point in time, i.e. as soon as a certain cash flow has been generated through other channels and you can actually afford this rather long-term investment. 

Google- and

By means of SEO analysis, SEO monitoring, onpage optimization, link building become No. 1 on Google and YouTube! 





How to never fail in sales again


The best structures bring nothing without successful sales

Many people are afraid of telephone sales and avoid it like the devil avoids holy water. But it is one of the most important steps to become really successful with your business. We show you how to create the best possible sales script and how to improve it step by step. We will also show you what you need to be able to do in telephone sales apart from the sales script in order to achieve a really high closing rate.

Professional initial information, quote, invoice, promotional and newsletter emails

Your customer has emailed you with an inquiry, or you’ve just had a really great phone conversation with a potential customer and need to prepare and email an initial piece of information or quote. Here it is enormously important to appear as clear and professional as possible. A professional first information or offer email is really important nowadays and can scare away a lot of potential customers if you don’t act professionally. Furthermore, you should keep your customers happy with promotional or newsletter emails, so that they do not fall into oblivion. Essentially, this is how you can maintain a basic signal regarding your company with regard to potential new customers or build up a long-term relationship with your existing customers. 


The correct handling of the different email formats is enormously important


Modern advertising media

Photos, graphics, videos and animations you need for a modern company appearance


Unique advertising media for your company

Many companies have a website, but don’t know how best to promote their business to their target audience. An essential part of successfully addressing new customers is modern advertising media at all levels. It is also essential that these advertising media have been coordinated by means of corporate design and present an overall unifying image with a clear common thread. A multi-layered presentation with photos, graphics, videos and animations is also important. This way you reach your potential customers on a professional level and create a sustainable recognition value for your company. Think about every company you regularly buy from and the different advertising mediums they work with. One of the main reasons you buy from these companies on a regular basis is because of their many different high quality advertising mediums. Therefore, adopt this strategy and also develop high quality advertising media for your business as quickly as possible.

Your company's success is essentially determined by your employees

Personnel planning, personnel requirements, personnel management, personnel development, remuneration and personnel administration are the essential structures, processes and contents, where we help you to build them up as perfectly as possible. Of course, the main focus here is on finding suitable employees, training them in the best possible and most time-efficient way, and managing them in such a way that they work for your company in the best possible way in the long term. 

HRM / Personnel Management

We help you in all areas concerning the topic of employees


Book writing

We help you to write an expert book to increase the confidence of your potential customers in your abilities. 


With the right expert book you can gain a lot of new customers

When you build a business, the most important thing is that customers buy from you because they have confidence that you can solve their problem for them. With your own book you can strengthen your position as an expert enormously and potential customers will trust you much more if they read a book by you and are convinced of your expertise. If you want to write a book, we can support you by guiding you or one of our ghostwriters can write the book for you in cooperation with you. 

Convincing E-learning solutions

With us you get minimalistic to highly sophisticated complex e-learning solutions for the PC, tablet or as an app, which interact with a variety of communication tools, such as multiple-choice questions, photos, infographics, videos, animation and / or advanced workshops, with which one can act preparatory, but also can be applied in depth after the e-learning. Our e-learning solutions are mostly used for training employees or specifically for customers. Essentially, you should present information in an e-learning that is recurring and that you want to pass on to your employees or customers.


With e-learning solutions you and your company are at the cutting edge!

CRM or ERP system

From different applications to a uniform operating system


Map your business processes with a CRM or ERP system

As soon as you gain more and more new customers with your company and you experience an ever increasing demand for your offer, it is important that you measure as many processes in your company as possible, so that you can improve these processes in the best possible way in the long term. Another important step is that you as a manager as soon as possible have nothing more to do with the day-to-day business by automating your company by means of employees and / or technical software solutions. In this way, you maximize your company’s success and, as a managing director, you can develop your company in the long term from the best possible bird’s eye view. With a CRM or ERP system, we help you as a managing director to be able to view all of the above-mentioned business processes and many more. The most important areas that we very often work on here for companies are the following: Accounting, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Social Media, Support and HR.

Scale up company

If your business model works well, especially in the area of gaining new customers, and your research shows that your business also works throughout the country, Europe or even internationally, you should not be content with the status quo, but scale up your business as much as possible and take advantage of the moment. It is important that if you want to grow your company healthily, you do not try to grow as fast as possible at any price with a crowbar. It is important that you keep a close eye on the numbers, because the growth of your company is often associated with enormous additional costs and has already driven many companies into bankruptcy. Therefore, expand your company with a clear strategy, a sense of proportion, common sense and, above all, make sure that you do not overextend yourself with the expansion.


We help you scale your business upwards



Automate all processes where possible!  

Modern companies maximize their automation processes

Companies that really want to act modern, illustrate as much as possible all company processes and automate all areas where possible. We help you to recognize the full potential here and also to implement it professionally, such as in the areas of customer inquiries, email marketing, social media, online marketing, daily sales reports, etc. 

Improve all company processes by means of long-term analysis

As soon as you have set up your structures in a fully professional manner, it is important that you, as the managing director or with the help of a company analyst, observe, evaluate, improve and, above all, modernize your processes from a bird’s eye view so that you keep your finger on the pulse.

Long term analysis

How to improve your business sustainably in the long term


In summary, why you should become a customer with us


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