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Learn how to build a successful business step by step

In our blog you will receive top current information to be able to develop your company in the best possible way in the future. 

Telefonvertrieb Leads gewinnen

Telephone sales are still indispensable and are one of the most important instruments in the communication…

Gesunde Lebensstrukturen Unternehmer

Successfully planning your own health is a challenge that requires some essential decisions. To begin with, it is important…

Geschäftisidee finden

If you don’t have a business idea of your own and you want to know which industries actually represent future markets…

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Demokratisierung von Unternehmenserfolg

Democratization of corporate success

In this blog article today I would like to tell you about what were my motivations to start the company “Company 4 You & Me”…

Erfolgreiches Unternehmen aufbauen Schritt für Schritt

Step by step build a successful business

Interactive multifunctional 360° corporate structures, processes and content decide whether you and your company will…

Facebook Werbung schalten
Online Marketing

Increase visibility with Facebook advertising

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to advertising for businesses. With an advertising campaign you can increase your visibility…


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