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Book digital agency services for your business success now

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Book digital agency services for your business success now

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Our agency services will convince you!

We help you in individual areas, but also offer you small to very large service packages to maximize your business success. If you don't have a suitable service provider at hand or have little time and want to hand over responsibility, this is a safe way to build up or expand your business step by step with our agency services.

1.) Service packages

In the course of digitization, many companies have a problem with acquiring new customers, finding new suitable employees, scaling and automating business processes, etc. We analyze the current state of your company and create a digital agency service package perfectly tailored to your business.

2.) Individual services

Many companies have professionally built up a variety of structures, processes and content in different digitization areas. Based on a business-as-usual analysis, we can determine what the status quo of your company is and clearly communicate to you how we can maximize your company's success with our individual agency services.

Our agency service packages at a glance

Here you can find our 5 most popular packages to choose from

For many companies it is a mystery how to win new customers in a controlled way

A large number of entrepreneurs have many years of problems with winning new customers sustainably with a system and therefore very often book this new customer package with us. As soon as you book this package, our goal is to work out the best possible digital structures for your company as quickly as possible, so that you can win new customers as quickly as possible. Since companies that are already under financial pressure often come to us, we are accustomed to proceeding quickly here and building up the essential structures, processes and content for you in a minimum of time, so that you can then implement these necessary steps as quickly as possible. 

New customer package

We build up or rebuild your company in such a way that you gain a lot of new customers as quickly as possible.


Employee Package

Winning as easily as possible and keeping them in the company for the long term


How to attract and retain well-qualified personnel in the long term

As soon as you build up a large number of new customers with your company and your existing customers buy further offers from you, you will need capable employees to process the emerging volume of orders! As with the acquisition of new customers, you should implement clear structures, processes and content for the recruitment, qualification, hiring, training, further education, leadership, motivation of employees and management personnel in your company. It is important that you find good qualified employees in all required business areas, train them in the best possible way and keep them in your company in the long term through a good management style and good working conditions. With our employee package we implement all this in detail for your company.  

Start-up package for your business success

Many start-ups found a company and gradually build structures, processes and content without really having a plan. We help you to get a 360° company overview by means of a digitalization concept and build the necessary structures, processes and content for your company’s success step by step. What is included in this package? It is not possible to give a blanket answer here, which is why it is best if we analyze the current state of your company in a free initial consultation, whereupon you will then also immediately receive an initial cost estimate for building your company’s foundation. You can also buy the different services step by step from us and we will advise you on which contents you should prioritize in order to gain your first new customers as quickly as possible. There is also the possibility that we build your entire company using our digital services, where the main advantage is that all structures, processes and content are then professionally built and interactively arranged multifunctionally.  

Start-up package

We build for you the basic structures, processes and content for your business success

KMU package

We upgrade your existing company in the best possible way!


We maximize the business success of your existing company

It is highly probable that you have built a maximum of technically flawless individual digital building blocks, but have not thought through and implemented 360° interactive multifunctional. Since it is highly likely that you yourself do not have the competence to assess the digital building blocks of your company and, above all, which ones should be considered, improved and / or supplemented as a whole, you will probably overlook a lot of potential for the positive development of your company! With our SME package, we show you your mistakes in detail and improve your company step by step by means of a holistic catalog of measures and a technically flawless implementation. There is also the possibility to renew your company from scratch by rebuilding all structures, processes and contents. After a holistic 360° company analysis, we can give you an assessment of the best way to go. 

Digitally upgrading medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies often have a very well-functioning core business and run so well that often the management levels become sluggish, which often means that various areas of the company do not develop in the best possible way. We very often see potential for improvement on very many digital levels when we take a closer look, starting with the website, various details in social media and online marketing, but especially with regard to the scaling and automation of processes, up to the fact that many lack a CRM system to be able to develop the company in the best possible way in the long term. Essentially, if you book our medium-sized business package, the probability is enormously high that we can use a variety of agency services to improve your structures, processes and content in the best possible way and thus maximize your company’s success in the long term. 

Medium-sized business package

There is much to be improved in some areas at medium-sized companies

We offer the following agency services in detail

Individual support in building up your business

Are the agency service packages and individual agency services suitable for my company?

We get this question very often and the answer is a resounding “YES”!

B2B / B2C

We cover both areas and build you technically flawless arrangements that appeal to your target groups in the best possible way.

Agency performance on target?

Our agency services are not inconclusive services, but we consider our additions from an interactive multifunctional 360° view, so that your business success develops in the best possible way.

You can start now

You can book the appropriate individual agency services or the appropriate agency service package with us immediately after a detailed initial consultation and company analysis.

These companies already rely on Company 4 You & Me

Sign up and we analyze your company for free

Free company analysis


There is no general answer to this question. However, we already analyze your company’s current status in the free initial consultation and can often tell you which services you should book with us so that you can win far more new customers with your company as quickly as possible in the future.

When you book one or more of our agency services, you only need to answer our questions and we will work out the individual services for you. Your effort is limited to an absolute minimum, because we take care of all the details. 

It would be highly untrustworthy to give a guarantee of business success. There are many factors that influence whether you will be successful with your company.

The following factors are decisive here, for example, why there is no guarantee for business success:

  1. How strong are your competitors and how do they develop over time. It is also essential that you continue to develop your own company in order to remain competitive in the long term. 
  2. Are your services and products marketable? 
  3. A possible economic crisis can prevent economic success.
  4. Delivery bottlenecks can also limit or prevent the company’s success.
  5. Etc.

It is important that you understand an essential detail here. The better you build up professional company structures, processes and contents, the more likely it is that you will be successful with your company. We show you all the areas that are important for your company. If you build up these structures, processes and contents according to our instructions and keep your company always up to date, it is more and more likely that you will become successful with your company. Should you not achieve the necessary success with our book or e-learning, it is best to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will then carry out a free initial analysis of your existing company structures, processes and content and can then tell you very quickly whether there are any small things missing or whether it might make sense to book one of our coaching or agency services. As already mentioned, we cannot guarantee the success of your company, but it is highly probable that you will be much more successful with your company if you implement the structures, processes and contents according to our specifications. 

There is no general answer to this question. What is essential is that the sooner you have established the essential corporate structures, processes and content, the sooner you will most likely become successful with your company. 

If you want to shorten it radically, you need a professional website in the form of a one-pager, which of course should be built in such a way that it works as a magnet for new customers. In the next step you need an online marketing campaign with modern advertising texts and advertising media, which leads to the fact that as many people of your target group as possible come to your website as inexpensively as possible. In other words, with a professional one-pager and a well thought-out online marketing concept with modern advertising copy and advertising media, you can already reliably build up new customers. However, we cannot advise you to rest on this minimal variant if you want to build a really successful company in the long term. 

We support you

You are unsure which of our agency services are the right ones for you? We are happy to help you and advise you in a free initial consultation!

Nicoletta ben Jakoow


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